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Ohioans from across the state are fighting back against greedy drug companies, their ruthless CEOs, and special interests who created a rigged system that is hurting Ohioans. Together we’ll say YES and pass the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act. It’s a YES to saving Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars to fund our communities schools, and first responders while improving healthcare.

The stories of everyday Ohioans fighting for the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act

“My cousin pays $210 per month for a cream she needs for her knees, and that WITH health care insurance.

She’s on a fixed income, so instead of using the cream everyday as directed, she uses it twice a week. She doesn’t have another choice—that’s all she can afford.

“I’m a recently retired police officer of 26 years.

Throughout my career in public safety I’ve met many Ohioans, particularly the elderly, disabled, and others on fixed incomes, who were faced with the inhumane choice of paying for their life-saving medications, their rent and utilities or to put food on the table.

“My son has has anxiety, and he doesn’t have insurance to buy his own medicine.

Sometimes the pharmacy gives him cheaper substitutes when they’re available, but he often has to pay the full price for his medication and doesn’t have the money to do it. I end up paying for that—it’s a hardship, but he needs his medication.

Every day, more Ohioans are sharing why they’re saying YES to the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act and fighting greedy drug companies.

Updates from Taxpayers for Lower Drug Prices

Senator Sanders says “Vote Yes on Issue Two” “Ohioans have the opportunity this year to take on the greed of the drug companies and significantly lower the cost of prescription drugs. Corporate greed has no place in the health and wellness of you and your family,”

Big Drug Companies are running an Ad is that untruthful, full of grossly misleading statements about AIDS Healthcare Foundation!

The Yes on Issue 2 campaign sent a cease and desist letter to TV and cable stations in Ohio and West Virginia calling on them to take down their opposition’s negative, untruthful TV ads.


Vote for lower Drug Prices in Ohio.

What’s at stake in November for OHIO

Ohio taxpayers are being ripped off. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ohioans can fight back by supporting the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act on the November 2017 Ohio ballot.

The relief act is a reasonable drug price reform measure. Under it a number of Ohio government agencies will be required to use their combined negotiating strength to obtain significantly lower prices for the drugs they purchase for nearly 4 million Ohio residents. The goal is to ensure that those agencies pay no more for their drugs than what the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pays for the same medications. The VA receives a fair discount, from 20-24 percent off the price the drug companies normally charge other customers for these same drugs. Veterans deserve these discounted drug prices but so do all hardworking Americans.

The powerful drug companies – run by a virtually unaccountable and super-rich elite – need to get the message that their relentless price-gouging will no longer be tolerated. The Ohio Drug Price Relief Act will send that message.

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