“There’s a lot riding on how the [Issue 2] election goes in Ohio,” says Ballotpedia political director Josh Altic, as drug price reformers and drug industry CEOs eye similar ballot measures in 2018 in South Dakota and Washington, D.C. The drug industry has poured (as of Oct. 17) $58.3 million into its campaign to defeat the measure. “This has been the darkest, dirtiest and most expensive race in Ohio’s political history,” said Dennis Willard, spokesman for Yes on Issue 2. The opponents of Issue 2 are using a dummy corporation to hide who is contributing to their campaign.

Because of this legally problematic trick, Ohio voters don’t know who is paying for the flood of TV ads that attack Issue 2 and demonize Michael Weinstein, Issue 2’s sponsor.  A spokesman for the anti-Issue 2 campaign, questioned about this secrecy, has conceded the “drug industry” is involved in financing the campaign. Not good enough, says Yes on Issue 2’s Willard. “For all we know it could be the Russian drug industry.”
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