Campaign Contributions

The drug industry is one of the nation’s biggest and most powerful political money machines. In 2016 the industry made $27.5 million in campaign contributions to Senate and House candidates.

In 2016, three dozen drug companies chipped in more than $110 million to the campaign to defeat Proposition 61, the California version of the drug relief act. Despite being outspent by more than 5 to 1, Prop. 61 lost by only a narrow margin. Expect the drug industry to spend big in the fight against the Ohio drug price measure. These guys will stop at nothing to protect their ability to gouge Ohio taxpayers and patients.

In the California Prop. 61 campaign drug company executives hid behind their richly-funded campaign TV ads and refused to take up a challenge to publicly debate pro-Prop. 61 leaders. The drug industry can be expected to run its Ohio campaign like its California campaign: no news conferences, no transparency, just lots and lots of slick – and misleading – ads. The drug companies don’t have right on their side but they do have the money.

We’ll keep you updated on drug industry spending in the Nov. 2017 election and who’s on their payroll.

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