“My son has has anxiety, and he doesn’t have insurance to buy his own medicine.

Sometimes the pharmacy gives him cheaper substitutes when they’re available, but he often has to pay the full price for his medication and doesn’t have the money to do it. I end up paying for that—it’s a hardship, but he needs his medication.

Once, when my husband got stung by a bee, he had to take Epion. By the time he refilled the prescription, the price had gone up by 500%!

The prices go up and down at the drug companies whims. They’ve made it completely unaffordable. Drug companies have rigged the system and are gouging people who need their prescription to live.

The drug company CEOs are greedy and the political people who we elect lack the will to fight them, because they depend on campaign contributions.

Ohio should negotiate lower drug prices and hold these greedy companies accountable.

It’s ridiculous that a country with all this wealth cannot take care of its own people on so many levels.

We’ve got to stop the madness, take back control, and vote YES on Issue 2.”

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