“I’m a recently retired police officer of 26 years.

Throughout my career in public safety I’ve met many Ohioans, particularly the elderly, disabled, and others on fixed incomes, who were faced with the inhumane choice of paying for their life-saving medications, their rent and utilities or to put food on the table.

With Ohio being the epicenter of the nation’s opioid epidemic, I’ve seen first-hand the damage that the combination of drug company greed and deceptive marketing practices can have on people, families, and communities.

It is high time that the drug companies be held accountable or all of us are likely to one-day face the terrible decision: food on the table or life-saving medication.

We need to stand up to the greedy drug companies and demand that they put people first.

And that’s why I’m voting YES on Issue 2, the Drug Price Relief Act. While the greedy drug companies won’t go down without a battle over billions of your dollars, this is a great first step toward leveling the playing field and lowering drug prices for Ohioans.”

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