A judge recently ruled that Texas state senators had a right to know the real price Pfizer was charging the Texas Medicaid system for its drugs. Pfizer had argued that those prices were protected by confidentiality agreements the drug company had with Medicaid. But the judge said there had to be common-sense limits to this secrecy. Lawmakers ought to know how much Medicaid – a taxpayer subsidized program – is paying for the billions of dollars of drugs it buys, the judge said.

The judge’s common-sense ruling sends an interesting signal to Ohio. There the drug companies are arguing that Issue 2, the drug price control measure on the Nov. ballot, is unworkable because the prices Ohio Medicaid pays for drugs has got to be kept a deep, dark secret from everyone in Ohio – including the taxpayers’ elected representatives. One Texas judge is calling that argument malarkey.

Source: Dallas News.

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