COLUMBUS – A new Yes on Issue 2 ad airing statewide lands a knockout punch against the big drug companies that are spending millions of dollars per week to lie and mislead voters so they can continue to reap record profits at the expense of Ohio patients and taxpayers.


“Our new ad perfectly depicts our campaign to lower drug prices and save taxpayers money. We’re standing up to the bully and, with the help of Ohio voters, we’re going to land a knockout win on Election Day,” said Dennis Willard, spokesman for the Yes on Issue 2 campaign.
“Big drug companies want the system to stay exactly the same way so they can make money hand over fist with no regard to the health of patients or their ability to pay. The threats they’re making are the same threats school yard bullies make – they know they have no ground to stand on, so they have to threaten the little guy to get their way. We can stand up to them by voting Yes on Issue 2 and lowering drug prices for millions of people.”
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