COLUMBUS – The Yes on Issue 2 campaign, represented by senior campaign advisor and former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party Matt Borges, declared victory in tonight’s first televised debate of Issue 2.
Tonight we’ve seen what each campaign is focusing on: Yes on Issue 2 is working to lower drug prices and save taxpayer dollars, and our opponents are focusing on creating distractions and keeping drug prices as high as they can,” said Borges. “They have waged a campaign of misleading advertising because they will never win on merit. Drug prices are too high and every Ohioan can feel it.”
“Our big drug company opponents spent a significant portion of their time tonight trying to breathe life into their dying rhetoric and tired arguments,” said Borges. “The Yes on Issue 2 campaign has repeatedly dispelled their false claims and we have made our point clear for months. Only voting Yes on Issue 2 will lower drug prices for 4 million people and save all taxpayers $400 million.”
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